UN Communication Group


UN Communications Group



The United Nations Communication Group (UNCG) is the platform for the UN agencies in Sierra Leone to communicate as one voice. Established on th 19th April 2006 in Freetown, the United Nations Communications Group (UNCG) Sierra Leone was founded by the following UN organisations:- UNDP, UNIOSIL, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, WFP, UNOCHA, IOM, FAO, WHO, World Bank, UNIFEM, UNHCR and UN Habitat. 

The United Nations Communication Group aims to achieve the following strategic objectives:-

  • To utilize the UNCG as a strong unifying platform for addressing public information and awareness needs of mutual interest facing the UN in the country.
  • To convincingly tell the collective UN story with one voice and achieve the greatest impact in promoting a culture of peace, dialogue, and participation in critical national issues through a strategic approach to public information and communications.
  • To promote and portrait a coherent image of the United Nations system and engage in dialogue with select target groups and the general public of the country, e.g. government, NGOs, civil society groups and community based organizations, donor countries and organizations, private sector, rural farmers, media, councillors, migrant workers and their families.



Contact Details


Peter Tayong Ngu 
Coordinator (UNCG) 
Tel: +232 76 692814 
Email: tayongp@un.org