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06:21:54, Friday, 27 May 2016
LATEST NEWS | 27 May 2016 - Asia Pacific|Obama to Begin Historic Visit to Hiroshima - New York Times; 27 May 2016 - Korean Air Jet Has Apparent Engine Fire at Tokyo Airport - ABC News; 27 May 2016 - Dreaded Superbug Found For First Time In US Patient - A Physician's Perspective - Forbes; 27 May 2016 - Secret Service employees diciplined - WSAW; 27 May 2016 - National spelling bee ends in a tie for third consecutive year - USA TODAY; 27 May 2016 - At Security Council, climate change citied among factors impacting stability in Sahel; 26 May 2016 - Search for kidnapped Northern California teen widens after suspect killed in police shootout - Los Angeles Times; 26 May 2016 - LDCs: Behind the scenes – gearing up for a UN conference on least developed countries; 26 May 2016 - France sends underwater probes to EgyptAir search zone - Reuters; 26 May 2016 - More Than A Dozen Rescued From Kentucky Cave - NPR; 26 May 2016 - Ban appoints governing body of ‘technology bank’ for least developed nations; 26 May 2016 - Donald Trump's Energy Plan: More Fossil Fuels and Fewer Rules - New York Times; 26 May 2016 - ‘Old habits die hard,’ UN deputy chief tells Environment Assembly, urging action towards sustainability; 26 May 2016 - Attacks on health care and medical personnel in crises occur with ‘alarming frequency’ – UN; 26 May 2016 - Justice and accountability ‘critical components’ for lasting peace in Libya – ICC Prosecutor; 26 May 2016 - Yemen: ‘hope’ emanating from UN-sponsored talks, as details of peace agreement discussed; 26 May 2016 - UN health agency launches programme for outbreaks and humanitarian emergencies; 26 May 2016 - UN envoy for Syria tells Security Council peace talks will resume ‘as soon as feasible’; 26 May 2016 - Iraq: civilians in besieged Fallujah at ‘extreme risk,’ senior UN humanitarian official warns;



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Non-State Actors Project Newsletters


The Non State Actor (NSA) project provides an innovative approach of support to electoral processes and consolidation of peace in Sierra Leone. It aims to create an atmosphere of political tolerance by investing in the influence that political parties and other non‐state actors have on Sierra Leone’s political process. It also seeks to promote greater political participation in particular by women. It is funded by a 5 million US$ from the UN Peace building Fund. Click the below links to view our newsletters:


2 and 3 issue NSA newsletter

4 issue NSA newsletter

5 issue NSA newsletter

6 issue NSA newsletter

7 issue NSA newsletter

8 issue NSA newsletter





14 September 2009 - was a briefing by by the head UNIPSIL, Michael von der Schulenburg.


8 June 2009 - was a council debate and briefing by the head UNIPSIL, Michael von der Schulenburg.


9 February 2009 - was the Council debate on the first report of the Secretary-General on UNIPSIL.


4 March 2009 - was the annual report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Sierra Leone.


S/2009/18 and S/2009/17 8 January 2009 - was the exchange of letters between the Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council on the appointment of Michael von der Schulenburg as the Executive Representative of the Secretary-General for UNIPSIL.


4 August 2008 - was the meeting resulting in the adoption of resolution 1829 establishing UNIPSIL.


28 February 2008 - was a letter from the Council president requesting for further information from the Secretary General on the drawdown of UNIOSIL between 5 July 2008 local election and its completion in September 2008.


31 January 2008 - was the letter from the Secretary-General conveying the completion strategy for UNIOSIL